Champion Equipment Sales works with Marini QG to provide rock drilling equipment for the most unique drilling situations. Marini provides pneumatic and hydraulic rotaries, hammers, rock drill mast attachments and all-in-one drills to handle any small diameter rock drilling applications.


Marini Rock Drilling Equipment by Category

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Marini Rock Drills on The Job

The MR-2 PN is Marini’s all-pneumatic lightweight rock drill, ideal for slope-faced work to secure rock netting and avalanche barriers. Click to learn more about the Marini MR line.

The MR-C 50 is a limited-access track mounted drilling rig with a hydraulic removable power pack to allow the rig to work in garages, basements, and other confined spaces. Click to learn more about the Marini MR-C line.

Now Available: The Marini MRP 350 “Mini” drill is a track mounted, radio remote control drill rig with 25,000 LBFT of Torque and the capability to operate in tight access locations with as little as 13’ of operating height and achieve 48” diameter drilling to depths of over 50’. Click here to download the brochure.


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