Champion Selected to Rep Marini QG Product Line in Western US

Champion Equipment Sales is excited to extend Marini QG’s existing North America sales efforts by bringing its line of superior civil engineering equipment to the Western US. Marini designs and manufactures pneumatic/hydraulic drilling units, including masts, drifters, rotary heads, lightweight portable units and limited access crawlers. Marini equipment is utilized for civil engineering work addressing reinforcement, anchorage, slope stabilization, and installation of rock & avalanche barriers.

Marini MR Line

Pneumatic/Hydraulic Portable Drilling Units

Marini’s MR Line of products includes pneumatic/hydraulic light drilling units made for acrobatic drilling work, slope consolidation, anchors, nailing, and barring. Click the link below to view the line, or contact the Champion team to learn more. See the MR Line at work suspended on an elevated sheer cliff in New Zealand.

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Marini MR-A Line

Excavator/Spider Drilling Mast Attachments

Marini’s MR-A Line of products include pneumatic/hydraulic drilling masts suitable for a wide range of self-moving equipment and excavators. Click the link below to view the line, or contact the Champion team for details and pricing. View the MR-A line in the field mounted on excavators and spiders.

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Marini MR-C Line

Limited Access Drilling Units

Marini’s MR-C Line of products includes crawler drilling units suitable for various specialized operations in civil engineering. Click the link below to view the line, or contact the Champion team to learn more.

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Drifter/Top Hammers and Rotary Heads

Marini supplies a wide range of Drifters/Top Hammers and Rotary Heads suitable for Marini Machines.

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