Champion Equipment Services Offerings

Specialized Drilling equipment from Champion Equipment SalesIn these times of high labor expenses, with increased environmental responsibility and skyrocketing drilling costs, isn’t it time to upgrade? Maybe you are a smaller testing company with a modest budget and the need to have your own rig. Or you may be a multimillion dollar contracting firm with a fleet of drilling rigs. If your business can identify with either of these scenarios, or the wide gulf in between, Champion Equipment would like to visit with you. Champion Equipment Sales is the premier Soilmec dealer in the nation. Soilmec, if you do not know already, is the builder of the finest drilling equipment in the world. Soilmec is the industry leader when it comes to mobile, foundation, engineering and underground construction equipment.

Now the decision to buy a new piece of construction equipment is a big one to make as hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars are on the line. You want to make a solid choice when you decide on a rig and the best choice is Soilmec. You may be thinking that your company is too small to upgrade to its own rig but at Champion Equipment Sales we are able to offer many different solutions for the smaller operation. The Soilmec line includes self-propelled micro-drilling rigs and truck mounted drilling apparatus. If you have been contracting out your drilling or even renting a rig when you need it, we can show you the value it will bring to your business to own your own rig.

You may have already made that step years ago and now need to replace one or more pieces of equipment. Before you go to an auction and buy a piece of equipment that you have no idea the history of, plan a visit to Champion Equipment Sales and try out the new Soilmec drilling products. The advantage you have when you choose Champion is the comprehensive suite of services that we offer post-sale to you.

Adaptability in drilling, ask how at Champion Equipment SalesProject-Specific Consulting

As a business owner you know how important resources can be to getting the job done and project-specific counseling for our clients is one of those resources. We have been providing support for over 60 years and we pride ourselves in helping so many clients find the right tool for the job. We can help you pick a machine that will be the greatest value to your company and the job you wish to use it on. What about bits? We can look at your exploration reports and determine exactly which tool is correct for the conditions. No hassle, no wasted money and most importantly, no downtime.    

Technical Services

Let’s say you have encountered a difficult patch of ground that will not drill as expected and you are at a loss with where to turn. The geotechnical experts at Champion are ready to put their knowledge to work and help you solve your problem. Each machine is, generally, not set up the same way as every other drilling rig out there. The conditions that you may find at one location could be completely different only a mile away. This is where our technical services team comes into play. We will help you setup your machine to the conditions you are facing and ensure that you are drilling correctly for your machine. This is an extremely important aspect of keeping your rig in the best shape possible.

Training Programs

Successful operation of any kind of heavy equipment is dependent on the experience of the operator. A good operator has spent many hours in the seat and is completely competent in his abilities. Then there are the new operators that need experience and time in the seat to become proficient. The similarity between these two resides in the fact that they both will benefit from a training program from Champion Equipment. Make all of your operators as proficient on your Soilmec rigs as possible with the help of our comprehensive training program.

After Sales Support

The hallmark of a good equipment dealer is the fact that you will never feel like you are being left high and dry. At Champion Equipment Sales, the support does not end at the sale, in fact, it is only beginning. We like to think of it as more of a partnership than anything else and we are here to help with all of your machine needs. If you are having maintenance issues with your machine, we can help you get them tracked down. If the conditions are not cooperating and you need advice on which direction to head, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Remote Assistance

This service is indicative of how far that Soilmec has come in the last few years. The remote assistance feature allows for remote diagnostics of your machine. This has massive benefits when it comes to maintenance.

If you need a new rig or simply need to talk to one of our engineers, please do not hesitate to give us a call.