Champion Equipment, Offering Soilmec Drilling Rigs

See our selection of used drilling equipment at Champion Equipment SalesWe all know what we want in a new or used drilling rig. Dependability, the chops to get the job done, and most of all, a positive price point. All of this means that you have a piece of equipment that will perform the job in the best possible way and that is generally the most important thing when purchasing a rig. That being said, the market is flooded with rigs that perform just fine but lacking one key component. Service. When you consider how powerful an exceptional service network is to your uptime, the choice is clear. Soilmec. Soilmec is the premier foundation and underground construction drilling rig manufacturer in the world and Champion Equipment Sales is proud to be a long standing brand partner. We provide sales and parts support while maintaining the reputation as the premier Soilmec and drilling equipment sales in the country.

The decision to buy a new or used rig is generally not something that you set out to do. Either your current machine has outlived its usefulness and needs a replacement or the cost of repair is far too much to justify. Whatever the cause, when it is time to replace your rig, look no further than the experts at Champion Equipment Sales. If we can’t find exactly the machine you are looking for, we can find a rig that will certainly meet your needs. When purchasing construction equipment, buying a new machine is far better than the used alternative. Most companies look for their used rigs at large equipment auctions and classifieds on the internet. The results in both of those outlets is sketchy at best. Generally, when a machine is not worth fixing, or will not bring enough of a profit, it is sent to an auction. Of course that is not always the case and many great deals are to be had at the auctions. The auction is a great place to find a good deal, but if you want a rig that has been inspected by Soilmec technicians, the only place to go is Champion Equipment.

dreamstime_xxl_24834437How To Spot A Lemon

We can make our purchase as painless as possible, without having to worry about ending up with a bad unit. An old trick in the heavy equipment industry is the repaint. Repaints are extremely common in equipment that are not going to selling their current state. Many repaint machines end up at the auction, so be wary. When it comes to visually inspecting equipment that you want to purchase it is important that you look further than the paint. In fact, a beat up looking machine signifies one of two things, the machine itself is solid and will sell itself through its merits alone, or the company who sent it to auction is either destitute or out of business. It would be better to trust the visibly beat up machines instead of the freshly painted older machines. The owner of these rigs is desperate to get rid of his stock and he will go to any length to send it down the road. If the unit does not look like a brand new repaint it could be a repaint that was pushed off to the auction again because it was so bad.

The Grey Market

There are a few things you can look for when inspecting a rig for sale and the most important part is the safety gear. Depending on where the unit came from the safety systems could be either disabled or missing entirely. There is a market around the world known as “gray market” equipment and gray market machines are definitely best stayed away from. The problem is, the machine looks legit and seems to run just fine but the mechanicals could be a nightmare. Many grey market machines find their way up here from Mexico and are auctioned to unsuspecting customers. These units may not have the adequate safety devices installed and could prove to be very expensive to get back to the proper compliance state.

When you go it alone, buying a used drilling rig is one of the most difficult things to do. The nature of heavy equipment dictates that the machine is run hard and that can lead to issues. So your best bet is to look into a new Soilmec in the size of your choice. Give us a call at Champion Equipment Sales and tell us what you need, we will find it for you, without all of the hassle!