Welcome to Champion Equipment Sales. We are the leading provider of foundation drilling equipment and supplies to the ground engineering industry.

We represent Soilmec, Leffer, Champion Equipment tools and Leica Geosystems to provide our customers access to the most advanced foundation and ground drilling equipment available today. Our combined technical expertise and industry experience is sought after by companies worldwide.

Soilmec Rigs covers the spectrum of needs for the foundation engineering and underground construction industry with innovative equipment solutions. Soilmec offers a complete line of the most advanced, powerful, versatile, and safest rigs in the industry. Champion’s service and parts support keeps your rigs running with exceptional hands-on customer service and thorough operator training and support. We are deeply committed to helping customers find the right solution to build great projects.

Champion is also the lead distributor of Leffer products for North America. Leffer offers high quality, reliable, and proven machinery and tooling solutions for deep foundation construction using the most advanced techniques including: fully cased pile boring, drilled shaft excavation, secant wall or diaphragm wall construction for any soil conditions, project size, or foundation depth. Our team also provides customized service, project based consulting, and complete 24/7 product support on behalf of LEFFER North America to help our customers maximize the productivity of their equipment.

Our sales and support teams provide consultation from beginning to end, including testing your site’s soil and subterranean composition, in order to recommend the right equipment and tools for your job. Our company’s renowned customer service and 24/7 technical support ensure your foundation drilling project gets completed on schedule with as little downtime as possible.

We take pride in being the leader in underground engineering and equipment sales. And our track record of solving our clients’ toughest problems is unmatched in the industry.

Personalized Support

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